Climbing Rainbows

"Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all the living creatures of every kind on the earth." -Genesis 9:16

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

For Love

Love is patient,
And you endured the crown of thorns
Instead of calling angel hordes—
You knew through death new life is born…

Love is kind;
You called for mercy for their souls,
Though pain had tempted you to hate
It was your grace and love which showed…

Love does not envy;
You lusted not for Caesar’s throne,
You could have made the world your kingdom,
Instead you made the grave your home…

Love does not boast, and is not proud;
You could have shown the world your might,
Instead you sought to win our hearts
By doing what you knew was right…

Love is not rude;
Though you were burned with words of scorn,
Not once did you retort with more,
Though in their hate your heart was torn…

Love is not self-seeking;
It was for us you went to die!
If you lived by a selfish plan
You would not go and flesh defy…

Love is not easily angered;
You had a right to boil with rage,
Instead, in “foolishness” you bled;
A lamb much wiser than the sage…

Love keeps no record of wrongs;
So all that sin was washed away—
Amazing grace that sees no shame,
But just the price which love had paid…

Love does not delight in evil;
Your blood was mingled with your tears,
And even as you spoke with mercy
You hoped that we would drop our spears…

Love rejoices with the truth;
Upon the cross your heart was glad
When he who died there at your side
Saw truth revealed—’twas God who bled…

Love always protects;
And even when your body broke
You satisfied the price of love,
Which dealt sin’s curse a final stroke…

Love always trusts;
Your Father seemed to leave your side,
But even as you cried in anguish
You made His will your only guide…

Love always hopes;
Though darkness covered up the sun
And death would come and take your body,
You knew that evil hadn’t won…

Love always perseveres;
Yes, even at the end it was clear
That love was reigning in your heart;
We see the power of grace appear:

Love never fails;
Because you died with love to save
Our hearts from satan’s grasp of death,
Your love has conquered even the grave…

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lot's Choice

To watch the valley from the mountain
And revel in the view
Instead of seeing someone there
And wishing it was you.

Lot’s Choice

In every tenet of love
A sacrifice of what you think is best
Is what is required—

But you saw the fertile valley,
Saw the riches mounded in its boundaries,
And forgot the blessings of God—

You desired the wealth; you chose the fields,
Stepping forward with a smile
Into the valley of discontentment—

But you didn’t know, did you,
That the hidden costs were more by far
Than you would ever want to pay?

You ran for your life
As the fields were burned by fire,
And your wife turned to a pillar of salt,
A monument to remind future generations
Of the danger of discontentment…

…And despite the riches of the valley,
Through God’s generous blessings
Numbered by the stars,
It was the other choice
That proved to be far the better…

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Formula for Joy

Joy is not something we can make on our own, but is a gift from the Holy Spirit. We should turn to Him when we need joy instead of somehow trying to work up joy in ourselves.

Formula for Joy

There is no secret formula
That I can use to make some joy;
I can’t run to the grocery store
To pick and choose which type I want—

It’s when the Spirit shines on me
That joy comes flowing through my life;
It’s love that sets my heart ablaze
Its power showing to the world—

So shine on me, bright Sun of life,
So I can burn with joyful fire,
And when the trials come my way
I will but learn to shine the more.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cleared Vision

To walk by faith in the path of sacrificial love seems foolish to those who are on the outside. But once you have stepped on to it, your vision is cleared and it is obvious that life only has value when it is spent following Christ.

Cleared Vision

I looked across the narrow path
And saw it barred with walls of thorns;
Enveloped in a fog of doubts
It seemed so dismal and forlorn—

I heard so many fearful tales
Of broken hearts and sacrifice
And I was thankful I could see
So clearly through religious lies;

But them a voice called out to me
To dare the path with all its pain;
I recognized a Savior
Who walked the path, my heart to claim—

I stepped upon the path in faith,
And suddenly my vision cleared;
The thorns are nothing to the joy
Of walking with my Savior here…

To die to self seemed foolishness
When I once stood among the “wise”,
But love has helped me truly see
It’s selfishness that’s full of lies,

To take the cross will hurt a while,
Like seeds that fall in dirt and die;
But when love’s harvest time has come,
We’ll reap the fruit that gold can’t buy!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Frightened Child

Sometimes we can feel like little children standing in a world that we don't understand, frightened and alone; if only we can see that He is standing by our side and take a hold of His hand we will fear nothing any more.

Frightened Child

I am a child who wanders through
A world I cannot understand;
I’m frightened, not sure where to go;
Not sure which way my father planned—

But when I look through eyes of faith
I see you standing by my side;
My little hand has grasped your finger
I trust in you!—please be my guide!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Refined Love

I believe that true (agape) love grows stronger and purer through the flames of sacrifice...

Refined Love

The flames are rising from my heart
All I have loved is burned away;
And as I see the ashes fly
I send above the tears I cry—

I pray that somehow through the flames
The love that blazes bright tonight
Will be a witness to the ages
To those who gaze into its pages;

For I would rather feel the fire
And wear the scars of pain untold
Then stay in safety in the boat—
I’ll chase the stars and dare the moat;

Within the heat my joy’s complete,
For God is here, He knows my pain;
I’m now a living sacrifice,
Refined through tears, this love’s from Christ.