Climbing Rainbows

"Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all the living creatures of every kind on the earth." -Genesis 9:16

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We wear good works like they are charms
To ward away the wrath of God;
And act like if we give enough
Our bribes will pay for opulence…

Since God made man, we’ve sacrificed
And tried to earn a life of ease;
But amulets can’t win God’s favor
Or quench the burning of His love.

So I will fling away the charms
And live by grace among the pain;
Through every trial God’s teaching us—
We’re in this place to be refined!

The amulets can’t win God’s favor,
He gave the gift of endless love,
So I will let it burn the dross
And let Him sift through all I am—

And when the flames have done their work
I see the pain has brought me home…

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Picture a fast-paced, happy song that makes you want to dance with joy... :-)


Sunlight hops across a rippling stream
Like fingers dance on ivory;
Each droplet sparkling like a jewel,
Each note goes prancing as it sings…

A small girl skipping through a field,
The cutest dress I’ve ever seen—
I hear birds singing, sweet with joy,
When I am blessed with her bouquet!

Frisky sunlight flits through meadows,
And I am sprinting to the tune!
The butterflies are frolicking
And each one’s hinting of its bliss:

The song that dances in my heart
Is the dulcet melody of love—
The ecstasy that waltzes ’round
Is here to tell me I am loved!

Friday, January 15, 2010

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We’ve built ourselves a world of our own,
Where people move of their own will;
With some intelligence we’ve crafted
They live and die and fight and kill…

It’s artificial, all invented
Within the confines of their stage;
And we all know it’s make-believe
Through every war the puppets wage…

Today, we’ve built another world,
Where people think that they are god,
With some intelligence we’ve crafted
We have evolved against the odds;

We think that wisdom comes to life
When God is filtered from this age,
And we can live like programmed puppets
Flung here and there around the stage—

It’s artificial, all invented
Within the confines of our minds;
But it is all just make-believe,
A game whose point we hope to find…

Thursday, January 14, 2010


A poem written about the religious rules that we set up for ourselves...


We humans love our boxes;
We need to feel the cardboard walls
To trick ourselves in thinking we are safe
And in the shelter we won’t fall…

We crave a set of strict constraints
Which tell us where we cannot go,
And how exactly we must serve
To swim the way the waters flow…

But God has blown apart our boxes,
That we might learn to dance and run
Among the breezes He created,
Beneath a glorious summer sun!

And yet, in spite of all our freedom,
And all the beauty of God’s plans,
We let ourselves be ruled by fears,
Deciding to heed their every command…

So we then build ourselves a new box,
That we might feel ourselves secure
Inside our flimsy walls of cardboard
And all the rules that we’ve procured.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I wrote this poem while praying for a friend with a broken love story, but I think it can reach to the heart of anyone dealing with feeling inadequate...


In marble halls where moonlight danced
We once wrote ballads full of love,
Composing poems made of stardust
To melodies our hearts would sing;

But now the poems are fading away,
For I was inadequate
To give you all the words you wanted…

In verdant hills where sunshine rippled
We once built cabins made of dreams,
Each room a story of its own
And each one furnished full of romance;

But now the cabins are eroding,
For I was inadequate
To bring to life the dreams we had…

A little hell, a heart on fire,
Now fears and doubts assail my soul;
You are not here to ward them off,
You broke the trust I kept in you…

I’m living in a world of pain
’Cause I was inadequate
To be the princess you required…

But in the postscript of a broken love story
I do not read a tale of failures;
Could there be hope for broken hearts,
An ending like a fairy tale?

I see the dawning of the sun,
’Cause I am adequate
For bottomless love that never ends,
For boundless grace to heal my scars,
For sweet compassion never failing;
And I am adequate
For my perfect place in the plans
That my Father crafted just for me…