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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

For Love

Love is patient,
And you endured the crown of thorns
Instead of calling angel hordes—
You knew through death new life is born…

Love is kind;
You called for mercy for their souls,
Though pain had tempted you to hate
It was your grace and love which showed…

Love does not envy;
You lusted not for Caesar’s throne,
You could have made the world your kingdom,
Instead you made the grave your home…

Love does not boast, and is not proud;
You could have shown the world your might,
Instead you sought to win our hearts
By doing what you knew was right…

Love is not rude;
Though you were burned with words of scorn,
Not once did you retort with more,
Though in their hate your heart was torn…

Love is not self-seeking;
It was for us you went to die!
If you lived by a selfish plan
You would not go and flesh defy…

Love is not easily angered;
You had a right to boil with rage,
Instead, in “foolishness” you bled;
A lamb much wiser than the sage…

Love keeps no record of wrongs;
So all that sin was washed away—
Amazing grace that sees no shame,
But just the price which love had paid…

Love does not delight in evil;
Your blood was mingled with your tears,
And even as you spoke with mercy
You hoped that we would drop our spears…

Love rejoices with the truth;
Upon the cross your heart was glad
When he who died there at your side
Saw truth revealed—’twas God who bled…

Love always protects;
And even when your body broke
You satisfied the price of love,
Which dealt sin’s curse a final stroke…

Love always trusts;
Your Father seemed to leave your side,
But even as you cried in anguish
You made His will your only guide…

Love always hopes;
Though darkness covered up the sun
And death would come and take your body,
You knew that evil hadn’t won…

Love always perseveres;
Yes, even at the end it was clear
That love was reigning in your heart;
We see the power of grace appear:

Love never fails;
Because you died with love to save
Our hearts from satan’s grasp of death,
Your love has conquered even the grave…


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