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"Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all the living creatures of every kind on the earth." -Genesis 9:16

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

#20 - Thunderclouds

In fall of 2005 I saw each raindrop as a blessing instead of a trial. I felt like Abraham, when God numbered his descendents by the stars, only I felt that God was numbering the ways He was going to bless me by the raindrops which fell from the sky.
At the time, I specifically felt that God was opening the door into a world of new blessings. Things did not turn out how I expected, but God has still poured so many blessings into my life in ways I never expected, and is still pouring blessing upon blessing into my life.
Ever since then I've loved the rain... :-)


Come feel the breeze which brings excitement,
And see the miracles take form;
Come hear the distant thunder boom,
The salutation of the storm;

Come watch the thunderclouds roll in,
In beat with nature’s double bass;
Come feel the cleansing rain fall down,
God showers us with drops of grace;

Come taste the life that God has given,
He drowns our thirst with gifts of rain;
Come see the ground once cracked and brown,
The blessings washed away the pain!


Blogger Brianna C. said...

The rain is great....especially during warm weather. And thunder storms are AWESOME. ;-)

That poem was great...I loved the last verse.


1:32 PM  
Anonymous Grace said...

I loved the last verse too. =D I remember when I used to be really afraid of thunderstorms. Now, though, I like them. I like watching the clouds roll in, see the sky darken, and listen to the rain fall down. Something about it is . . . I don't know, really. I just like it watch storms come through.

I especially like this line: God showers us with drops of grace. So amazingly true! God is an awesome God. I'll never be able to understand how He can love and bless us so much, but I'm exceedingly grateful for all that He's done and is doing in my life.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Benjamin Graber said...

The rain is great....especially during warm weather.

Yes, I must confess that it's a little harder to enjoy rain when it's freezing cold... But I still see cold rain as blessings desguised as pain! :-)

10:15 PM  
Blogger Benjamin Graber said...

I'm exceedingly grateful for all that He's done and is doing in my life.

Me too! Even when it doesn't look like what I expect!

10:16 PM  

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