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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coming Home

The poem was inspired by the parable of the prodigal son, and by Casting Crowns' song "Prodigal".

Coming Home

To eat the husks of corn was bad,
But I found ways to gulp them down;
It was when I saw how I wasted
The happy days when I was rich,
That lust is worse than eating dust,
I soon was gazing back towards home—

I know my chance of love is nil,
But just to serve is good enough;
I long to see my home again
Yet don’t deserve the slightest welcome—
I need to hold to something real,
But have I nerve to face my father?

But Daddy, I am coming home,
Make me a slave to wash your feet,
I need no welcome, just a home,
No other favor will I ask…
I want no gifts, nor even love—
I know you gave too much already;

But deep inside, I know I need
A love that sees past all I’ve done;
I really come for just the chance
Of finding peace within forgiveness…
If… you possibly would dare…
To run to me with open arms…


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