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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Judas Kiss

This one hurt just to write it. But I think that most of us need hear this message at times. So I share it, hoping that maybe it will open the eyes of someone who needs to see.

Judas Kiss

A friend beckons me outside—
From the window
I hold up a piece of paper
Yellow with age
With the words “I love you”
Written elaborately,
A masterpiece of calligraphy
(The same paper used by my grandfather),
And blow kisses.

He opens up the door—
I shout a greeting
And grant a smile,
But when he extends his hand
I shake my head—
I’ve seen the wolves
Devour human flesh,
And know it’s wise to stay indoors.

He turns and walks away—
I sit in the recliner,
Kick off my shoes,
Lean back,
Take his biography off the shelf,
And massage the cover.
Oh, how I love him!
He bought this house for me,
And furnished it,
So many dreams come true.

I read the chapter
Where his friends deserted him,
And slammed the cover shut.
“I would never do that!”
Glancing out the window
I saw him look back one last time.
I smiled and waved.

Benjamin Graber


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