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"Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all the living creatures of every kind on the earth." -Genesis 9:16

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Friday, February 10, 2006


I would like some feedback on this poem. What I tried to do is write a "dark" poem that ends with a line that has double significance: on one side is the depths of despair, where the character thinks that the world is over, and the other side is hope, for those who know what happens next. The goal of the poem is to have anyone who is hopeless sympathize with the character in the poem, and then realize that even in the lowest depths of despair there is hope...
How well do you think I did?


The wailing wind is all I hear,
She tells the story of our doom:
The only truly righteous man
Is lying in a tomb.

I see it all so clearly—
How hope had used us like a toy
And, finished, tossed us to the side
Destroying all our joy.

It seems ironic now, that we
Called him “Messiah”—now he’s dead.
We hoped from liberty from Rome,
And got more tears instead.

The rising sun has smiled at me—
Sweet sunshine, don’t you see he’s gone?
The clouds should cover up your face,
And mask it with a frown—

I hope that death will take me in,
For life holds nothing but despair—
The earth is shaking! Is this it?
Is this the answer to my prayer?

Benjamin Graber


Anonymous Rachel said...

I like it! Knowing the story behind it sure helps. I bet thats what the woman (and the others too) felt like.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Benjamin Graber said...

Thank you for the input, Rachel...


10:47 PM  
Blogger Benjamin Graber said...

Anybody else?

3:36 PM  

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