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Thursday, September 21, 2006

On Wings like Eagles

We hate to wait,
Frustrated at the merest waste
Of time; forgetting that a second
Of mere appreciation is worth
A thousand spent in frantic haste…

We hate to wait,
And seek fulfillment of our dreams
This very moment, naming “love”
The zenith of our selfishness,
Not fathoming what patience means…

But we must wait—
To rush into the plans we’ve made
Is often to abandon Christ
As He is forging greater dreams
We would have seen if we had stayed…

Yes, we must wait,
Accepting patience’s delays—
We must not leap into the dark
Or even take a step ahead
Unless it’s love that shows the way…

And if we wait
The Spirit shows us what to do,
Illuminates the path for us,
Revealing His amazing plans:
His dreams, now ours, are coming true…

We’ll mount on wings like eagles
And soar like condors in the sky—
What more could we desire on earth?
We rise in heights of love and joy;
’Tis God’s own hand that makes us fly…


Blogger Sarah said...

Waiting is an awsome experience and journey in faith. That I can attest to. I continue to ask God what is required of me in the waiting process. Because it's like a test, and even though we can hold our breath, or be patient in a situation we wonder what we can do in the midst of it that can make the experience even more victorious and to the glory of God.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Joel said...

Must you be so blatantly and obviously good at describing something I don't want to do? ;-)

8:48 PM  

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