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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Hardest Kind of Love

It is easy to take someone’s heart, claiming that it was done for love, only to break it when you decide to move on. It is easy to say words of endearment and stir up romance even when you know you aren’t ready to make a commitment. But the deepest, truest kind of love is the hardest kind of love: the love which turns away from romance until the time is right—the love that would die to its dreams rather than break someone’s heart.

The hardest kind of love
Will sending you soaring high,
Alone, to find the sun,
The smile behind the sigh—

You love her, but sometimes
True love asks you to leave;
You’re called to fly alone—
What heights will you achieve?

Go find the dawn of hope,
Find joy within the sky,
And know your love’s declared:
For her you choose to die.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes unforeseen circumstances break into the one true love of your life. If you love someone so much that being with them would hurt them more, sometimes it's better to let go. It's better to hurt for a brief time, to be angry at the other party, than to grieve for a lifetime, if the other party should die from a terminal illness.

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