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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You Say That You Love Her

Too often, men in our society take the privileges reserved for marriage without being willing to make a commitment. They dare to call their selfishness love, but it is the opposite of true love. A man with true love would deny his own desires for the good of the one he loves.

You Say That You Love Her

You say that you love her; how deep does it go?
Is passion the power that drives all the love that you know?
What depth is the river? How fast does it flow?

You say that you love her; but I must ask why—
Is beauty the answer—the dream that has danced in your eyes?
But what will you do when she needs you to die?

You say that you love her; is this in your plan:
When love has required it, to die to your dreams like a man?
For ’tis at this moment true love has began!

You say that you love her, but say what you will,
Your passion can burn, but your love won’t be grounded until
Paid with tears, the requirement of love is fulfilled.


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