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Monday, August 29, 2005

To Grasp The Cross

Let’s not fool ourselves—following Christ isn’t easy. It means giving up the many selfish
desires of our sinful nature. It means pain and persecution. But in the end, the reward is
far greater than the cost.
This poem was written for anyone struggling with selfish desires (I think most of us would fit in that category!) It is an encouragement to take up your cross and endure the pain for the joy set before you, instead of giving in to the flesh.

To Grasp the Cross

To grasp the cross means death to flesh:
It’s running when you want to rest,
It’s turning when desires have called,
And truly seeking for what’s best.

To grasp the cross brings many tears:
To leave what you had once held dear,
To turn your cheek to ridicule,
And walk a path that is unclear.

To grasp the cross means joy and peace:
When flesh is dead your heart will soar,
When you have given all to God
The trials break your heart no more.

To grasp the cross brings life its value:
You’ll find a freedom from your chains,
When fire has burned what can be shaken
You’ll find eternity in what remains.


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